:: Cuti Raye ::

Salam 28 Ramadhan 🙂 .

Wah :-O . Kampus dah lengang. As usual, the parking lots pun akan banyak yang dah kosong time2 camni. N me? Still ere la (klu tak cane bleh tau that ‘lengang’~). Cik Ima pun dah pulang seawal pagi2 before sahur tadi (tak sedar pun.hu)

Actually kelas dah tak de pun hari ni. Semuanye dah dicancelkan. Gara2 nak raye punye semangattt. So what am i doing here?? Setelkan perkare yang perlu disetelkan sebelum dapat susah sebab tak setel-setelkan lagi perkare tu. Lagipun, tiket bas dah beli daaa.. Mana nak pi tau kata kelas hari ni nak cancel. Lecturers tak habaq awai2. Adeyh. Tape. Gune masa untuk setelkan…

Ok. Masuk topik. Cuti raye.  

Kampus kami bercuti sakan 😀 . 11 days..! Until Selasa, 29hb ni! Hoho. Lamenye cuti (merangkap cuti mid of sem le ni). Btw, i’m gonna go balik kampung juge. Depart petang ni.

Here, nak share some Balik Kampung Safety Tips (got from an email).


The festive season is upon us again. Towards the days before Hari Raya, it will be a mad rush to get home as our Muslim colleagues are looking forward to join their families to celebrate this meaningful day in the Muslim calendar.

Some of us will fly back to their hometown while others will be driving. Non-Muslim staff will also take the opportunity for the long holidays for a vacation with their families.

Whatever you plan during this period, please take extra care and pay attention to safety, not for your own, but also for the loves one and the one that you care~

Secure your home

• Before leaving, make sure your home is in good condition. This means to fix and check all broken locks and anything that can present an easy way to break into your home. Also, make sure that all your locks work. And if you have lost your keys before, make sure to change all the locks.

• Another important thing to do is to trim the tree branches out of the fence to avoid the thieves to enter the house compounds.

Don’t advertise your absence

• Please DON’T leave a note at your gate mentioning that you’ll be going away for the week to the postman/ delivery man. Instead, make sure to cancel all newspaper and other deliveries. A pile of any old newspaper laying in front of the house is sign that the occupant are away.

• Use a timer for your lights so that it will only switch on during night time instead of leaving the light on all day long.

• Fix a timer for your radio. Leave it on during daytime as people will assume that someone is at home.

Get Help

• Seek help from your neighbors to look after your house while you are away. Ask them to remove from the mailbox.

• Some people say not to trust your estate’s security guard because they may actually be the one who notify the thieves that you’re not in. Sound clinical, isn’t it? But better to be safe than sorry.

Driving tips

The highway will be filled with vehicles especially the week before Hari Raya. Therefore, please  have a safe journey by following these rules:

• Ensure your vehicle is in good condition

• Plan your journey ahead to avoid last minute rush and panic

• Fasten your seatbelt (driver & passenger) as it is designed to safe your life, not to avoid from getting summons.

• Comply with the speed limits. They are there for purpose

• Obey safety rules when changing lanes. Give appropriate signals and check side mirror before executing this potentially dangerous traffic maneuver.

• Avoid tailgating as it is very dangerous.

• Comply with the road safety e.g no overtake on double lanes

• For long distance journeys,driver to have at least over 8hrs sleep the night before.

• Take a rest minimum 15 mins after 2 hrs of continuous driving.

• Do not use your mobile phone whilst driving – pull safely to the side of the road before using your mobile phone.

Relax and have a safe trip

• Once you have secured your house, you can ‘balik kampung’ worries free.

• Make sure you don’t speed on the road.


Selamat balik kampung sume 😎 .


2 thoughts on “:: Cuti Raye ::

  1. puas la menunggu bile cik kembara hidup ni nak post entri baru… puas dok refresh page ni… hehehe…

    haa.. pe lg… setel la cepat… senang nanti.. B)

    papepun.. semoga selamat sampai ke destinasi..

    cik kembarahidup xnk ke kembara…tuuut.. ke? hehehe.. nama dah kene tu… pe lagi cik..

    selamat menyambut hari raya…

    minta maaf ye klo ade terkasar bahasa ke apa ke.. tersentuh hati ke.. (sampai ke?) hehe..

    raya ni bersederhana.. jangan balas dendam sbb pose sebulan.. =)

  2. Eh. Cik Dijah. Cepatnye respon. Hee.

    Need to response cepat jugak ni. Nanti tak sempat (i’ll depart at 3pm. hu). After this, nak kene setelkan lagi beberapa perkara yang belum setel tu.. Then dah tak dapat online 😦 . And from that moment till dunno when (maybe raye ke4 kot), susaa la nak jumpe internet nih.

    Pasai ‘kembara…tuuut..’ tu, wait n see la. Mane le tau kalu2 terubah pikirannye. 😎

    Ucapan raye from me: Tunggu le raye betul~ Hee 😀 .

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