:: Da’wah through GRAFFITI! ::

So creative.. See how they ‘spread the truth’ through Graffiti. Subhanallah~

1. Birmingham, England.

“Remember Me, I will remember you”

2. Coventry Road, Birmingham, England.

“Iqra’. Read!”

3. New York, USA.

“To Him we belong, and to Him we shall return”

4. Birmingham, England.

“Free Gaza”

5. Birmingham, England.

“Patience. After hardship, comes ease”

6. Burnley, England.

“Take good benefit of good health, before sickness”

7. Birmingham, England.

“Seek knowledge, even as far as China”

8. Toronto, Canada.


9. Birmingham, England.

“Purity is part of faith”

10. Birmingham, England.


11. Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia.

12. Birmingham, England.

“Feed the poor”

13. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“Truth. Kebenaran.”

Source: http://www.aerosolarabic.com/v2/index.php


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