:: SERATAS Alumni Reunion & 30 Years Celebration ::

We arrived at SERATAS on Saturday morning. It’s the Sports Day! After registering ourselves for the alumni reunion, we went to the school field and met some teachers, seniors and juniors.

It was sooo ‘deja-vu’ kinda feeling when we look at the field, seeing the students sit in their lines (according to their sport houses), waiting patiently under the sun for the MC to announce the winners/runners for one and each sport categories.. Hoho. Few years back, we were there.. Debaran menantikan nama dipanggil untuk disarung medal pun masih terasa! 😎

And as always, Garuda won the overall Sports Day! 😎


That evening, we went to Taiping town. Saje lalu balik jalan-jalan yang biasa kami lalui zaman ber’outing’ dulu-dulu…

Yong Tau Fu Bomba Taiping: Sooooo nostalgic!


The best part of this ‘school-revisiting’ was when we met our old teachers at the dinner. We were sitting at the same table with Ustazah Nadiah (my class teacher when I was in Form 3, and she taught me Pendidikan Islam), Ustazah Jamilah, Cikgu Pariza (she and her husband taught me Physics!), and Cikgu Shuhaimah (my superb Geography teacher).

When we had to stand up for the VIP’s arrival, I saw Mrs. Goh, my basketball coach, at the end of a table, near to us. I waved my hand to her, and she smiled back to me. Mrs. Goh was not only a basketball coach to me, but I used to ask her Add Maths questions too (though she didn’t teach me Add Maths). Her husband, Mr. Goh was my basketball coach too. Hoho.. He was indeed a very good coach. Superb! Mr. Goh had retired and was not at the dinner..

After I finished my meal, I went from table to table, to meet some of the teachers.

Mrs. Goh – not so much change. She still looked as young as I knew her before. 🙂

“Still playing basketball?”

“No la teacher. I’m retired already. I didn’t play for any teams or groups. I just play with my friends, and sometimes I even play alone.” I was about to tell her that I even bring my ball together to this reunion, tapi segan la pulakk. ^^

“The more I look at you, the more I can remember you.. Did I teach you Add Maths?”

“No, but I used to ‘kacau’ teacher during recess time to ask Add Maths questions..”

Cikgu Nabisah – she taught me Sejarah. It has been 6 years, and she remembers my name! Oh. Teringat cerita Tokoh Puteri Islam~~

Then I met Cikgu Sohor (Teknologi Kejuruteraan), Sir Manogaran (never taught me, but had once rotan me in Lukisan Kejuruteraan class), Ms. Liew Lai Chun (Kimia – those days, we learnt Chemistry in Bahasa Melayu), and.. there was a teacher, sitting just beside Mrs. Goh.

“I can remember your face. I taught you Mathematics, in lower form.”

Allahurabbi. Honestly, I can remember that she had taught me but I can’t remember in what class and in which year. Huhuhu.. This is so sad. 😦

“Teacher, do you have Facebook account?”

“I do. If you still remember my name, then you can easier find me on Facebook.”


A big ‘kantoi’ there. Huhu.. It’s so obvious.  It was even more sad when the teacher said:

“If you can’t remember my name, that means I was not a good teacher.”

Adus. It was not that I do not remember her at all. I know her. I remember that she had taught me once. But I just can’t.. remember her name. Huhu. 😦

When I got back to my seat, I asked my friends about this. None of them can remember her name too.. Erk. At last, we asked another teacher, and found out that her name is teacher Lim Swee Yian. Uhu.. The name sounded soooo familiar. She taught me Maths when I was in lower form! My favourite subject! I can’t believe that I forgot her name. Sobs. I’m so sorry, teacher!


On Sunday morning, the hostel was opened for visitors. Ala2 open house gitu.. The alumni, teachers and students were allowed to visit ASPURA and ASPURI.

Salbiah and I was about to go to our ex-dorms when suddenly our teacher, Ms. Salwana asked us to check and give marks to the dorms.

Well, we used to have dorm inspection on Sunday – where the prefects will go to all dorms, check on the cleanliness and neatness of the dorm, give marks to the dorms, and choose the best of them. It was a big surprise to Salbiah and I when Ms Salwana asked us to do this again. Macam tau2 je, we were both prefect when we were in school dulu. 😉

I just can’t believe that we’re doing that again. Check the dust on the top of the tingkap, test how ‘tegang’ are the bedsheets, kasut hitam berkilat ke tak.. and all that. Fu~ Rasa kembali muda!


After the dorm inspection, we went to a new basketball court few meters from ASPURI – how lucky they are, to have this girls’ basketball court. Uh. Jealous.

We leave SERATAS after attending the alumni’s EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting).

*Some photos were taken from the alumni FB page.


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