:: Mel, Jaundice & … ::

Sunday, 1st July 2012

That night, Mel’s ears and paws were so pale and cold. His breaths were also cold. I was so worried – sebab pernah berpengalaman ada anak kucing yang mati setelah badannya mula sejuk.

It was 10++ pm. And suddenly I decided to go to the Animal Medical Centre, KL. Pakai tudung, capai hoody, dan sarung stokin, cakap dengan emak, nak keluar bawak Mel pergi hospital. Mak was surprised with my decision but she then decided to follow me. Uh.. Terharu.. 😥

The vet there told that Mel was in a very bad condition.. She said, in this condition – where Mel has not eaten for almost a week, he might not be able to hold anymore. Her suggestion was to let Mel stays (warded) and let him get the best treatment there. She prepared an estimation cost for letting Mel getting the treatment there, and to my surprise, it was estimated to be RM800++, and that was not including the medicine cost.

To do, or not to do?

Honestly, I didn’t have that much budget. Now what? I said to myself. At last, I decided to bring Mel to other vet hosp tomorrow.

(Mel, kena masuk air.. dan ubat)

That night, I can’t really sleep. I woke up at 4 am, and checked on Mel’s condition.. He’s becoming weaker, and weaker.. 😦

Monday, 2nd July 2012

That morning, I went to work as usual. I was in front of my computer, doing my work, but I can’t stop myself from thinking about Mel. At 10++ am, I decided to go back and bring Mel to UPM Vet Hospital in Serdang.

Mel was admitted there.

Tuesday, 3rd July 2012

Wednesday, 4th July 2012

Thursday, 5th July 2012


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