:: Wordy Wednesday ::

This was totally out of the blue. I was talking to my officemate about the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2012.  Few minutes later we suddenly decided to go there after the working hours.

We’re both bookworms 😉 . And both of us love to go to bookstores, apatah lagi book sale begini. We knew that 2 hours are not going to be enough for us to go through all the books there, to choose and buy them. But we have got no choice. We don’t want to spend the weekend there, because we know, it’s gonna be soooo many people there on weekends.

Here are my catches. Got not much time to flip through other books!


I was looking for a novel, “Life Of Pi”, but couldn’t find it. One of the BBW staffs later said that the book was sold out on the first day of their opening. Phew~


I was also looking for some books for my family & friends, but again, got not much time to do so. Grab sajelah! By the time I queued up to pay the books, I was still selecting (read: finalizing) the books to be bought. Huhu

I spent RM93.00 on these books (11books). It was sooooo much cheaper than anywhere else. Just imagine, a book cost $13.99, was sold at RM8.00!!

#Rambang mata tengok buku yang banyak dan murah! 🙄


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