:: Netball ::

Had a splendid weekend with old friends last week. Though the ‘meeting’ was almost cancelled due to some difficulties in arranging people, time, etc.. At last, we’re having a very blissful time spent together. Alhamdulillah.

We’re joining a tournament. A netball tournament. 😎

I was asked more than once (by more than one friend), when I called them to join the tournament.

“Netball? Do you mean basketball?”

“Nope. Netball.”


“Yup. Netball.”


I never played netball when I was in my secondary school. I played basketball. In fact, I was soooo ‘anti’ of netball. But believe it or not, I kinda like netball when I first played the game in GEMS! =)


So it’s true. Tak kenal memang maka tak cinta~

@Farawahida, Raudhah, Adibah: Thanks basketball teammates! Thanks schoolmates!

@Izyan & Awin: Thanks jugak! Mengulang sejarah tahun 2007! 

@Ina: Thanks for joint-coaching. Eheh.


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