:: Who Moved My Cheese ::

Few days ago, I’ve just finished reading “Who Moved My Cheese”, a very short story that you could have finished reading it in a lunch hour break.


Hm. It was just a perfect time to read it, I guess. 


(you may skip reading this part if you wish to read the book by yourself. And due to time constraint, this ‘summary’ was edited from Goodreads.com) <– Ini semua alasan semata! =P

Who Moved My Cheese, by Spencer Johnson, M.D., is a parable about change and four different ways to take on change. There are four characters in this story; Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw. Sniff and Scurry are mice and Hem and Haw represent humans. They all have different personalities and handle changes in different ways.

Sniff is curious, and often analyzes every situation he is in just in case there is a change, he is almost expecting change and is prepared for it to happen. If change occurs, Scurry quickly goes into action. Change does not stop him.

While Hem hates change, and never expects it to come. When something changes, he does not want to do anything about it. He believes that everything will go back to normal, and the outside is too ‘scary’ for him. Nothing will budge him, and he wants things to remain the way they are. He refuses to accept the fact that his normal everyday life is different.

Haw has the characteristics of every character. At first when change occurs he has similar mentality as Hem. He does not enjoy change and was not prepared for it, and would hope for things to go back to normal. After awhile, he accepted that things are different now and is ready to take action. It takes a lot to get him going, but once he starts he is motivated and will continue on his journey until he is happy.

Who Moved My Cheese takes place in a maze were Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw live. Even though they were all different from each other, they were all looking for the same thing, their Cheese. Everyday Sniff and Scurry, and Hem and Haw would explore the maze in search for their Cheese. Sniff would sniff out his path, and Scurry would run ahead to different parts of the maze to see if he could find the Cheese. It took them a while but they eventually found it.

Hem and Haw would use their brains to find the Cheese. In some ways it was helpful, but in other ways it could hurt them. One day they found Cheese in Station C. Then the day after that they found it again in the same place, and it continued. Hem and Haw grew comfortable to this, and instead of rushing to find Cheese every morning they took their time expecting it to always be there. Sniff and Scurry also found the Cheese in Station C day after day, but they still woke up early and quickly hustled over to Station C. They paid very close attention to the Cheese just in case something went wrong, and one day it did.

One morning, Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw went to Station C to receive their Cheese but noticed it disappeared  Sniff and Scurry knew exactly what was going on because they noticed the amount of Cheese was dwindling day by day so they were prepared for the hunt of new Cheese. They quickly left Station C and explored the maze.

Hem and Haw handle the situation much differently  They were both surprised and confused as to why the Cheese has disappeared  They did not know where it went or why it was gone. Hem was infuriated because he believed that he worked hard for the Cheese, and it is not fair that someone took it. Hem continued to yell about the situation, but Haw stood there speechless in disbelief.

Days went by and Hem and Haw did not look for new Cheese so they soon became hungry. They were aggravated and became irritable  They continued to go back to Station C expecting their Cheese to return, but they had no luck. Haw thought about Sniff and Scurry and how they handled the situation. He assumed that they quickly went out to find new Cheese and there is a high possibility that they already found more Cheese. Haw tried explaining this to Hem but he did not want to listen. He was still dwelling over the fact that the Cheese is gone.

Haw realized that he needs to take action and go out and find his own Cheese because it is not going to come to him. He tried to convince Hem to come with him, but he was to scared too and though that it was not worth it. He has still not gotten over that his life is different, and will continue to ponder over it while Hem goes out into the maze in search for new Cheese. It was difficult for Haw to venture off at first, but he got through it.

There were many obstacles and times where he lost hope, but he kept exploring and never gave up. His hard work paid off when he reached Station N. Station N was filled with Cheese, Haw finally found his new Cheese. Cheese was not the only thing in Station N, but Sniff and Scurry were also there. There reached Station N well before Haw did, and that is because they took action the second they found out the Cheese was gone. It made Haw regret not leaving Station C sooner, but he was glad that he eventually got the mentality to do so. Haw was happy, but he would continuously think about Hem and wonder if he would ever venture off and look for new Cheese.


If you don’t really like reading or you don’t really have time to do so, then maybe you can just watch this short movie.


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