:: Procrastination ::

It’s 13 minutes left to break the fast today. I had just finished cooking and it’s a bit early today – nothing much; Chicken Tomyam, Fried chicken.. So. Got some time to conteng here. 🙂

I watched this vlog yesterday and I think this vlog is worth to be shared with others. Really.

Most people have this procrastination issue; everyday, everywhere. 😦 As mentioned in the video, procrastination does not only apply for studying but also other things like.. writing blog-post, report, assignment, picking up little brother from school, and even in performing our 5 times daily prayer! Of course, we always have something that we need to do, kan?

This is the first time I heard about IRIF (instant reward imaginary friend). And guess what, after I watched this video, now I started to try my best to say ‘Nope’ to my IRIF. Of course, it is not as easy as saying it. It needs discipline. And as also mentioned in the video, there are 2 things that we can do to get things done; 1) Planning, 2) Doing!

Planning should be done specifically and it should be organized based on our self-defined priority. The next thing after planning is to have discipline to execute the plan. That is the ‘doing’ part. Here, we HAVE to ‘hurt’ IRIF’s feeling. 🙄

Time flies super fast and it does not wait for anyone. Too many things to do. We have to catch the time before it leaves us. Let’s appreciate the time that we have by fully and wisely using it for righteousness.

Ramadhan kareem, peeps! 😉


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