:: POTD: Iftar in Seogwipo ::

from Instag Be grateful for small things, big things and everything in between. Count your blessings. There are plenty of them. #jejudo #seogwipo #southkorea #kembarahidup14 #backpack #iftar ram: http://ift.tt/1L28jU9 http://ift.tt/1d3CU5R

3 thoughts on “:: POTD: Iftar in Seogwipo ::

    • Hi, Awanis. Thanks for dropping by. I’m currently writing the posts (and they are quite a lot!). It’s gonna take some time.

      In case you need them urgently, please drop your email address so that I can email you the draft, which is in spreadsheet form. =)

      • it’s fine. i will wait for the post like a good girl 😉
        im planning to visit s,korea in february next yr
        pls do include all the places to visit and halal food which u brought from msia and which u bought there too!

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