:: A Morning on Broga Hill ::

Odah and I have been talking about hiking this hill since the last two to three years ago. We’ve been thinking and planning, but due to some inevitable circumstances, none was executed.

Until one day, out of the blue, Tira, a cousin of mine, asked me to go and climb this hill together.

Then we planned.

It turns out that I was not so well on that day. I was having some sore throat and chesty cough and it has been almost 3 weeks already. Sobs. Despite that condition, I couldn’t decline the plan since Tira already took two days leave for that.

So, on last Tuesday, the three of us went there.

We started hiking the hill at about 6.45 am in the morning. It was still dark and we had to use torch lights to see the trail.

We took about 40 minutes to reach the top of the hill. Some said it is possible to do that in 20 minutes. I too, think that is possible, if we didn’t stop at all along the way.

As expected, I was no longer fit like how I used to be years ago. It feels like I’m really getting old. Oh no.

It wasn’t that hard, I tell you. The hill was not so steep. There are three peaks and the only challenging part was climbing up and going down from the first peak. It was kind of steep and we had to use the rope which was tied along the trail. The surface of the cliff was a bit wet and slippery when we were going down. That was the most challenging part, I would say.

Overall, it was nice to have climbed this hill. Who knows if that was the last hill I’d hike in my life (oh, this sounds so sad, but seriously, I don’t know if I would be able to hike any other hills in the future).

Thank you Odah & Tira.

And here are some photos taken on that day:

Till then.

P/s: 日本で もう春先 でした。😁


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