:: Coincidences ::

This was actually our 10th lesson in Pre-Intermediate 2 Level and we were learning on how to make conditional sentences.

The first example of question was:

『 チャンスがあったら、どこに住みたいですか。』
Romaji: Chansu ga attara, doko ni sumitai desuka?
Meaning: If you have the chance, where do you want to live?

I was like… Omo. Did sensei read my mind or something? Well the truth is, recently, not even a single passes by without me thinking about this. I was thinking about moving out. Far away, far away…

Another example was:

『 お金がなかったら、何ができませんか。』
Romaji: Okane ga nakattara, nani ga dekimasenka?
Meaning: If you don’t have money, what is the thing that you can’t do?

Of course there are countless things that you cannot do if you don’t have money. But surprisingly, the example of answer that sensei wrote down was:

『 お金がなかったら、日本語をべんきょうすることができません。』
Romaji: Okane ga nakattara, nihon-go o benkyousuru koto ga dekimasen.
Meaning: If you don’t have money, you cannot study Japanese Language.

And right after that, she said, 『ざんねんですね。。』 (read as: Zannen desu ne..) which means “That is too bad..”

Due to my current situation, I was also thinking about this. I don’t know if I will be able to continue the class all the way to the Upper Intermediate level一there’s about 1 year and a half to complete the language study here. Still a long way to go~ 💪💪💪

Anyway, all these coincidences made me think even more. I googled on Japanese Language class available in some certain parts of Japan and it turned out there are quite a lot of them! Suprisingly, some of them are free! And, the paid-classes are not too expensive too. Isn’t this a good news?

By the way, did you realize that today’s date is 22.23.24? Cool, no?


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