:: SOTD: An Accident ::

Just now when I was riding, I witnessed an accident involving a car and a motorcycle. I was on my way from a tuition centre to go back home and that accident happened right in front of me. I think I was just about 50 meters away.

The car driver was about to turn right when he hit the motorcycle. The car driver was not supposed to do that because that road is actually a one-way road in an opposite direction.

The motorcyclist which happened to be a not-too-young uncle fell down right away and his helmet was thudded into the ground which was about 10 meters from the scene.

I stopped nearby them but I didn’t get down from my motorcycle. Many men came and help. I thought about doing the same thing but I really didn’t know what to do. I was shocked. This was the first time I saw an accident happened right in front of my eyes.

I didn’t get down. There was no other woman there.

I saw the motorcyclist uncle fainted. He didn’t move. The car driver who was also a man came out and checked the uncle. I saw him trying to help the uncle to get up, but the uncle didn’t move at all.

I don’t know if the car driver was doing the right thing because as far as I know, when a crash happened, and somebody got hit, we shouldn’t move the injured person一unless if there will be more hazardous if we don’t do so.

But I guess it was too late because the car driver already moved the uncle. Some of the men are also helping the uncle一 who was still unconscious. Some of them were making phone call一I think they were calling the ambulance.

Not long after that, I left. I couldn’t see more of that uncle’s face. It was so vivid that I was about to cry.

Pity that old uncle. I hope he will be fine. And I’m sorry for not being able to help. 😟


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