:: Change of Heart :: 

This morning I woke up and figured that I just had another 127 pages to finish the novel I’ve been reading for the past few daysーand guess what, it’s the weekend and I don’t have any classes until afternoon.


So before I even had my breakfast, I started to read it at my desk. It was a story about a convicted murderer, Shay Bourne who was found guilty at killing two people which happened to be a cop and his stepdaughter.

As in other Picoult’s novels that I’ve read, honestly, the twist was kind of expected. But I kept reading it just to know if there’ll be any miracles that would happen to Bourne if he is really that innocent and you know, if something really unexpected can turn the tables on him.

Spoiler alert:

But nothing can really be done after 11 years being convicted and Bourne himself really wanted to end his life to save Claire. So finally, he was sentenced to death. And before I knew, I was on the verge of tears at that very exact page, where it turned out to be the end of Bourne’s life.

I’ve always loved the way Picoult wrote her novel from the point of view of various characters. I just love it.


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