:: JLPT N4 Results ::

This morning, the JLPT results came out. I was riding the commuter to Serdang when I had the chance to view the online result.

I suddenly got a déjà vu feeling on this. Earlier this year, I did the exact same thing. I was on the Yamanote Loop Line train when I checked my N5 result and smiled to myself before I told my mom the good news.

I can still picture that.

But not like that time, this time I didn’t really have the confidence. I was particularly worried about the dokkai (comprehension) and choukai (listening) part. It was difficult, really.

I got nervous.

Anyway, it’s hard to refrain yourself from checking the result when you knew that it is now accessible online. I didn’t wait long. I clicked on the See Your Results button and … alhamdulillah. I passed.

The numbers and grades shown in each section put me into a real surprise. It was … unexpected. I blinked my eyes for a couple of times. I thought to myself, is this true? Could it be a mistake? How could I scored 54/60 in the listening part?

This, is actually much better than how I did in my N5 exam. Even I couldn’t believe it. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.

Instead of smiling, this time, in the middle of the women coach of a not too fast moving commuter, I almost cried.



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