:: The Storyteller ::


Jodi Picoult’s novel never fails to bring me to tears. This, too, is admirably good.

It’s a story about a 95 year-old former Nazi officer who is searching for redemption and forgiveness for what he did and/or involved during the Holocaust, of the World War II.

To be honest, I didn’t know that The Storyteller will actually tell in details about what had happened back then, during the Holocaust. I wasn’t expecting such thing. The Storyteller is set in three parts. Only after I started reading Part 2, I realized that I would definitely be captivated by this novel. I just couldn’t put it down since then.

There is a story in the story. Even that story was written so beautifully that I found Jodi Picoult so brilliant to write it that way. The twists, like always, they were beautifully plotted. She is doubtlessly, a good storyteller.

*minor spoiler alert*

It’s just that I was really hoping for the Hauptscharfuhrer to finally meet Minka again, after the war. But that didn’t happen. They never did. 😢


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