:: POTD: Wondering ::

Life stops when you stop dreaming. Hope stops when you stop believing.

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:: POTD: Ohayou ::

Akhir-akhir ni Melly makin berselera makan. Tak pasti kenapa. Kalau tidak, sebelum ni, Mellet la yang selalu tolong habiskan makanan Melly. Sekarang, Melly boleh habiskan sendiri. Dan sekarang, Melly pun laju je lari bila nampak eomma dia masuk dapur pagi-pagi.


:: Pelangi Pagi ::

7.06 pagi.

Pagi-pagi ini buka tingkap untuk lihat cuaca. Kalau tak hujan, mahu ke tasik. Tiba-tiba, nampak ini.

Rasanya belum pernah aku nampak pelangi dari rumah begini. Teruja, aku beritahu emak.

Emak yang masih bertelekung menjenguk ke tingkap bilik dan katakan perkara yang sama.

Memang tak pernah.

:: Melly ::

Despite her being so photogenic, I just realized that I seldom upload Melly’s pictures. Her big eyes stand out and made her look so beautiful in photos, most of the time.  I took quite a lot of photos of her actually.

Last month, Melly had just turned 6 years old. Alhamdulillah, she’s been so healthy, cheeky and active all this while.

Melly is not a so friendly cat, especially to strangers. If someone comes to our house, she would hide under my bed or stay quiet in my mom’s room – where she sleeps everyday. Yes, she’s closer to my mom. She talks to my mom a lot.

If I were to compare her with Mellet, she is a cautious and careful kind of cat. She is very picky on her food and water. And if someone interrupts her while she’s eating, she would stop and leave her food right away. Grr.

All these years, looking at how she grew up, I would say Melly is a clever cat. I sometimes crumple some papers into a ball to play with her. She would kick the ball, bring the ball here and there. Sometimes she brings the ball back to me, as if she is asking me to play with her again.

Oh, another thing, Melly hates to be held. She would growl and even hiss when someone picks her up.