:: POTD: Panning ::

Panning shot of a motorcyclist. The subject is not so sharp, though. I need some more practices.


:: Melly ::

Despite her being so photogenic, I just realized that I seldom upload Melly’s pictures. Her big eyes stand out and made her look so beautiful in photos, most of the time.  I took quite a lot of photos of her actually.

Last month, Melly had just turned 6 years old. Alhamdulillah, she’s been so healthy, cheeky and active all this while.

Melly is not a so friendly cat, especially to strangers. If someone comes to our house, she would hide under my bed or stay quiet in my mom’s room – where she sleeps everyday. Yes, she’s closer to my mom. She talks to my mom a lot.

If I were to compare her with Mellet, she is a cautious and careful kind of cat. She is very picky on her food and water. And if someone interrupts her while she’s eating, she would stop and leave her food right away. Grr.

All these years, looking at how she grew up, I would say Melly is a clever cat. I sometimes crumple some papers into a ball to play with her. She would kick the ball, bring the ball here and there. Sometimes she brings the ball back to me, as if she is asking me to play with her again.

Oh, another thing, Melly hates to be held. She would growl and even hiss when someone picks her up.


:: お久しぶり! ::

Yesterday, out of the blue, I took out my basketball from its bag. I didn’t touch it for probably two years, so of course, it’s deflated.

The double action hand-pump I bought almost 10 years ago is still working. The needle is still attached to the pump. I didn’t take long time to inflate the ball.

And today, I went to the court, where I used to train some kids three years ago. Well, it was not a so serious kind of training. 


(It’s been a long time)

from Instag お久しぶり! ram: http://ift.tt/2mBz9vl http://ift.tt/2DjixCZ

:: POTD: Pagi Raya ::

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2t5Lmh3 http://ift.tt/2u3nFTH

Gambar pagi raya.

Tahun ini emak gigih jahitkan baju raya untuk semua perempuan dalam keluarga. Memang dari dulu lagi emak yang selalu jahitkan. Cuma bila dah besar ni, tengoklah kalau emak sempat / larat.

Baju yang emak jahit selalu lebih selesa daripada baju-baju lain. Terutamanya baju kurung.

Sebenarnya sekarang ni dah kurang nak cari baju ‘berkain’. Memang jarang sangat pakai baju kurung atau jubah. Lebih kerap berseluar – sebab selalu naik motor ke mana-mana.

Punyalah dah lama tak pakai jubah / baju kurung, sampai pernah sekali, pergi pusat tuisyen pakai jubah, bos tanya, 

“Cikgu baru balik kenduri ke?” 😅