:: QOTD #124 ::

Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.
ーRalph Waldo Emerson


:: POTD: Ohayou ::

Akhir-akhir ni Melly makin berselera makan. Tak pasti kenapa. Kalau tidak, sebelum ni, Mellet la yang selalu tolong habiskan makanan Melly. Sekarang, Melly boleh habiskan sendiri. Dan sekarang, Melly pun laju je lari bila nampak eomma dia masuk dapur pagi-pagi.


:: 書く練習 #1 ::

クレジットカード: 必要? 不必要?





:: Untitled #41 ::

In one of the nights,
I don’t know what happened to me,
Darkness covered me Oh my Rabb,
The earth has been narrowed, and (also) the sky,
and my heart haven’t know the light,
And tears stayed, crying Oh my Ilaah

Ya Ilahi, Ya Ilahi, Ya Ilahi, Ya Ilahi

I committed a big sin,
And I am inside my sadness a captive,
Chained by the sin Oh my Rabb,
Does the sinner deserve forgiveness, Oh my Ilaah,
I admit my sins, Oh my Ilaah

Ya Ilahi, Ya Ilahi, Ya Ilahi, Ya Ilahi

You are the one who created, mercied and blessed me,
All the time you were with me, Oh my Rabb.
However, I went far away from you and forgot your rights,
And waked on my way, Oh my Ilaah

Ya Ilahi, Ya Ilahi, Ya Ilahi, Ya Ilahi

And today Oh my Rabb,
I come back from a darkness beyond the boundaries,
The heart is broken and my sight is confused
And I am sinking and see no one but you to rescue me,
No help except you,
O my Ilaah, O my Ilaah

Ya Ilahi, Ya Ilahi, Ya Ilahi, Ya Ilahi

:: Dying ::

Two weeks ago, I had a weird dream. I dreamt of myself dying.

I was lying on a bed, in a place that looked like a hospital, for a reason I didn’t even know.

I was so weak. I could hardly move.

With every breath that I took, I knew one thing for sure ー I had not much time left. Every single inhalation and exhalation was getting harder and painful. It felt as if the air was no longer containing oxygen.

I took another breath, a shallow one, quietly. I looked at the people around me. I could barely recognize any of them. My eyes were looking for a person that I really wanted to see ー my mom. She wasn’t there. Continue reading

:: 離せる ::






分かれ道 はそう