:: The Storyteller ::


Jodi Picoult’s novel never fails to bring me to tears. This, too, is admirably good.

It’s a story about a 95 year-old former Nazi officer who is searching for redemption and forgiveness for what he did and/or involved during the Holocaust, of the World War II.

To be honest, I didn’t know that The Storyteller will actually tell in details about what had happened back then, during the Holocaust. I wasn’t expecting such thing. The Storyteller is set in three parts. Only after I started reading Part 2, I realized that I would definitely be captivated by this novel. I just couldn’t put it down since then.

There is a story in the story. Even that story was written so beautifully that I found Jodi Picoult so brilliant to write it that way. The twists, like always, they were beautifully plotted. She is doubtlessly, a good storyteller.

*minor spoiler alert*

It’s just that I was really hoping for the Hauptscharfuhrer to finally meet Minka again, after the war. But that didn’t happen. They never did. 😢


:: ランダム ::






:: Melly ::

Despite her being so photogenic, I just realized that I seldom upload Melly’s pictures. Her big eyes stand out and made her look so beautiful in photos, most of the time.  I took quite a lot of photos of her actually.

Last month, Melly had just turned 6 years old. Alhamdulillah, she’s been so healthy, cheeky and active all this while.

Melly is not a so friendly cat, especially to strangers. If someone comes to our house, she would hide under my bed or stay quiet in my mom’s room – where she sleeps everyday. Yes, she’s closer to my mom. She talks to my mom a lot.

If I were to compare her with Mellet, she is a cautious and careful kind of cat. She is very picky on her food and water. And if someone interrupts her while she’s eating, she would stop and leave her food right away. Grr.

All these years, looking at how she grew up, I would say Melly is a clever cat. I sometimes crumple some papers into a ball to play with her. She would kick the ball, bring the ball here and there. Sometimes she brings the ball back to me, as if she is asking me to play with her again.

Oh, another thing, Melly hates to be held. She would growl and even hiss when someone picks her up.


:: Today’s occasion: “Alegori” ::

It’s Thaipusam day. And on this public holiday, I spent some time in the morning to go to an exhibition in Galeri Petronas with some friends. Well it was Syah’s idea for the four of us to have a short meet up here. Just her being an art lover, like she always do.

“Alegori – Contemporary Art Expressions from Malay Manuscripts.

The exhibition is open to public until the 4th of February, 2018 and the admission is totally free!

So here are some of the photos taken at the exhibition. Have a look!

Some discarded scraps were patched and formed into a tent.

A beautiful heavy cloak made of 12,000 pieces of acrylic beads.

The acrylic beads with red pigment that symbolize tears.

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:: JLPT N3 ::

Let me be honest. For many reasons, I was so down with the JLPT N3 that I took last December. Maybe it was lack of preparation. Maybe I was too ambitious.

When I went to Japan in winter 2017, my main purpose going there was to practice and to learn more of Japanese language from the locals.

I stayed with a Yaeko’s family in Osaka for 5 days. I met Miku-chan and stayed at her room in Hakodate, Hokkaido. I had interesting conversations with them and I learned a lot of new words, new phrases almost everyday.

When I was in Sapporo, I asked one of the owners of the guesthouse I stayed to write something on my note book. Ito-san, the uncle, wrote

「 N3の試験。合格を祈っています。」

which means “I’m praying (for you) to pass the N3 exam”.

Well that time, I’ve just passed my N5 exam and hadn’t took the N4 exam yet. But the conversations I had with them, the Japanese, made me so confident that I would be able to take the N3 exam right away. 😂

I was wrong.

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