:: Dying ::

Two weeks ago, I had a weird dream. I dreamt of myself dying.

I was lying on a bed, in a place that looked like a hospital, for a reason I didn’t even know.

I was so weak. I could hardly move.

With every breath that I took, I knew one thing for sure ー I had not much time left. Every single inhalation and exhalation was getting harder and painful. It felt as if the air was no longer containing oxygen.

I took another breath, a shallow one, quietly. I looked at the people around me. I could barely recognize any of them. My eyes were looking for a person that I really wanted to see ー my mom. She wasn’t there. Continue reading


:: 離せる ::






分かれ道 はそう

:: Pelangi Pagi ::

7.06 pagi.

Pagi-pagi ini buka tingkap untuk lihat cuaca. Kalau tak hujan, mahu ke tasik. Tiba-tiba, nampak ini.

Rasanya belum pernah aku nampak pelangi dari rumah begini. Teruja, aku beritahu emak.

Emak yang masih bertelekung menjenguk ke tingkap bilik dan katakan perkara yang sama.

Memang tak pernah.

:: The Storyteller ::


Jodi Picoult’s novel never fails to bring me to tears. This, too, is admirably good.

It’s a story about a 95 year-old former Nazi officer who is searching for redemption and forgiveness for what he did and/or involved during the Holocaust, of the World War II.

To be honest, I didn’t know that The Storyteller will actually tell in details about what had happened back then, during the Holocaust. I wasn’t expecting such thing. The Storyteller is set in three parts. Only after I started reading Part 2, I realized that I would definitely be captivated by this novel. I just couldn’t put it down since then.

There is a story in the story. Even that story was written so beautifully that I found Jodi Picoult so brilliant to write it that way. The twists, like always, they were beautifully plotted. She is doubtlessly, a good storyteller.

*minor spoiler alert*

It’s just that I was really hoping for the Hauptscharfuhrer to finally meet Minka again, after the war. But that didn’t happen. They never did. 😢

:: ランダム ::